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Collagen / Red Light Therapy

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Collagen / Red Light Therapy

Collagen Red Light Therapy uses Infrared light to:

Speeds up cell renewal in the body
Detoxify the skin
Increase bloodflow & circulation
Produce a feeling of well-being

It is known to:

Improve Wrinkles
Improve Fine lines
Improve Crows feet
Improve Age spots
Improve Acne
Fade Spots
Firm aged and tired skin
Delicately fade stretch marks
Repair damaged skin
Reduces Cellulite

This treatment does not use UV light therefore is suitable for use by anyone both young and old and is pain free.

We recommend a maximum of 20 minutes per week, usually split into two 10 minute sessions (10, 15 and 20 minutes available in a session).

You should start to see improvements to your skin in around 6 weeks.

To use our collagen bed, you need to purchase credits on your account. It is up to you whether you only purchase enough credits to cover each session of whether you purchase a block of credits which can then be used on each visit. We recommend a block of credits if you will be visiting us regularly as the cost per credit is greatly reduced.

Credits can be used on our tanning beds, leg tanner, collagen bed and v plate vibration trainer.

The amount of credits needed are as follows:

10 Minutes - 6 Credits

15 Minutes - 9 Credits

20 Minutes - 12 Credits

Credit Costs

1 Credit (Cost: £1.50, Cost per credit: £1.50)

Credits (Cost: £3.00, Cost per credit: £1.00)

Credits (Cost: £4.50, Cost per credit: £0.75)

Credits (Cost: £6, Cost per credit: £0.67)

10 Credits (Cost: £6.50, Cost per credit: £0.65)

12 Credits (Cost: £7.50, Cost per credit: £0.63)

15 Credits (Cost: £7.50, Cost per credit: £0.60)

20 Credits (Cost: £7.50, Cost per credit: £0.60)

30 Credits (Cost: £15.00, Cost per credit: £0.50)

60 Credits (Cost: £25.00, Cost per credit: £0.42)

120 Credits (Cost: £48.00, Cost per credit: £0.40)

180 Credits (Cost: £70.00, Cost per credit: £0.39)

Credits expire after 12 months and can be used on Sun Beds, Leg Tanner and Collagen Therapy. 

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